The way the world borrows and invests has changed for the better.

Lendly is MENA’s first licensed peer to peer lending platform, where smart borrowers and investors meet to get a better deal.

We’ve set out to turn banking upside down by giving all people the power to choose an alternative to high interest credit cards and low interest term deposits.

We’re changing the way that people think about money, for good.
And we’re starting now.


We're so committed to turning lending upside down we have turned our logo into an ambigram. That's a fancy way to say if you turn your screen upside down, our logo will read the same as it does now. Go on, try it.

Get a loan
with a great rate.

Get that new car, take a well-deserved holiday, start on those renovations or consolidate your bills. You know what you want. 

Make it happen with Lendly. With rates starting from 9.99%, why use a credit card? Get more flexibility and convenience with no paperwork. Complete our application in under ten minutes, and get the loan that’s tailored to you. Find out more.

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your investments.

Put your hard-earned money to work and get great returns by investing in other people. 

Lendly gives you the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio while taking part in one of the world’s most reliable asset classes. With a low starting investment of $500, you could be up and running in minutes. Find out more.

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What is peer to peer lending?

peer to peer lending lendly

Peer to peer lending is part of the sharing economy movement, and it’s the fastest growing lending model in the world. It’s all about matching people who want to borrow with people who want to invest, through an online marketplace.

We do the boring numbers and administrative stuff.
You get matched up with the right people.

And everyone gets a fair deal.